They Came from the Trees

The invaders need the mentally strong and the physically able—the rest of the human population are simply landfill. Who are these creatures and what are their intentions?
Sheldon, a fifteen-year-old high school dropout, has no interest in finding out—at least not yet. Instead, he fights for his life as these ruthless aliens take over the little town of Hidden Trail.
Sheldon takes refuge in an abandoned school with a beautiful girl named Cara and a couple of kids who happen to have profound ideas about the motives of the alien invasion.
The group is soon picked up by some edgy teenagers who are preparing to escape to the water. However, when Cara goes missing, Sheldon deviates from the plans and
discovers more about the rapidly evolving aliens and their horrifying yet curious vision. The lovestruck teen soon questions the morality of the human spirit, and wonders what it might be like to submit to the utopian idealisms of this new alien race.

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