Meeting Henry Greenfield


When eleven year-old Alex Thomas meets a new boy in his class named Henry Greenfield, Alex’s wild imagination gets the best of him. Convinced that the new boy will steal his chances of becoming popular, Alex decides to humiliate him. In the process, Alex finds himself dealing with socially awkward situations that begin to spiral out of control. However, everything changes when Alex finds Henry on the playground being picked on by Damian Dermite, the meanest boy in school. Alex is suddenly inspired to do the right thing and stick up for Henry, even if it means getting himself suspended. Ultimately, Alex learns vital lessons about respect, friendship, and himself. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - Friendship, Loyalty, Respect, Kindness, Reflection, Self-Esteem, Peer-Pressure

Grade Levels: 3-7 (The Teacher's guide caters to grades 3-8 so grade 8 can work with this story)

Chapters: 10

Words/Chapter: Between 1100 - 1400 words

Illustrations: 1 colored illustration/chapter 

PDF File (Novel)


PDF File (Teacher's Guide)