Working with Shapes
By Chris Francis
      Shapes are a very important part of the creation of a picture.  Everybody is made up of unique shapes, and when it comes time to design your own unique cartoon character, you should consider what kind of shapes you want to use.  Think of this as though you are sculpting your picture.  When you want to make the head of a person out of clay or plastercine, you are likely to start off by making a round ball that somewhat resembles the features of the character's head.  After you've made your shape, you then work in the little details, like the nose, eyes, ears and mouth.  Here are some quick line drawings that can give you an idea of what a certain shape can do for your character.
Circle Head
Oval Head
Square Head
Jelly Head
Pear Head
Strawberry Head
Round Body
Square Body
Skinny Body