Drawing your first Character
By Chris Francis
Okay...it is time to start creating our first cartoon character.  I've decided to create a character of an OLD MAN.  Now, I've drawn VERY LIGHTLY with a pencil, a bunch of the key shapes.  Keep in mind the idea that you are sculpting your picture and you want to first make the right shapes.  Note, that I mentioned I started this sketch with a pencil (so that I can erase) and I drew VERY LIGHTLY (so that I can erase well).   At this point there is not much to the character, but you should notice that I made his neck hunch forward a bit which is a common feature for elderly people.   Notice that he is facing us on a slight angle.  I recommend you try doing this, so as to give him a 3-D effect.

Right....now for the second stage of the picture.  I've decided to add his arms finally, and give him a cane.  I've added some basic shapes for the ears, a general line where the eyes should go, and the same with the nose.  I can now start to erase some of the original shapes.  

Okay, now for the third stage.    I've started to add in his eyes and I gave him a big nose.  Often older people have hairy eyebrows...so...there it is.  He needs a bit of hair on his chest...and perhaps I'll give him a bit of hair.

There.....he has quite a bit of hair for his age.  He should be happy.  You will notice that all of the original lines have been erased or I have darkened the lines that make up his outline.  I just noticed that his bellybutton could have been in the centre a little bit...but I think he looks fine.

Copyright 2002
Chris Francis
Bellybutton Potentials