By: Chris Francis
Okay, let's create our second character...this time with colour.  I was thinking of using all the shapes that we just warmed up with.  Let's see what happens. doesn't look like much right now, but you can see that I've used a few circles for the head and the body and some little circles for the main part of the hands.  I used little triangles or star shapes for the fingers and an upside down
triangle for the legs and two for the feet.

Obviously this character doesn't look like much right now, but you'll notice that it is drawn with PENCIL and is sketched LIGHTLY. I highly recommend that you use pencil and ALWAYS START OUT LIGHTLY.  Afterwards you can always erase all the shapes.

Let's move on to the next step.

Okay, this character is starting to look like a man.   He now has a couple of round dots for his eyes and a circle for his nose.  I've darkened some of the main outlines and fixed up his fingers a little bit.  Notice the light pencil lines are still visible.  It was warm out today so I also gave him some shorts to wear.

The poor guy has no ears...and I wonder if he would like a bit of hair.
That's better!  He has some ears and a bit of hair to comb.  Once again, I've used darker lines and have begun to erase some of the old lighter lines from the first stage of the picture. 

 I think he needs something on his sweatshirt.

At this point, you can start to shade the character in a little bit and fix up any little parts that need fixing.    
 A little bit of shade always makes your picture look a little bit more 3D.  You'll notice that shading is only on the left side of the picture.  That means the light source is coming from the right side of the picture.  

Perhaps I'll add a bit of colour.

Alright, I've added a bit of colour  You might notice I started off with some of the lighter colours.  With the pencil crayons, I pressed hard enough so that there is no white showing.  
Okay, I'm now starting to use the darker colours.  You may notice that I didn't pick the best paper to draw on because you can start to see some crinkles.  One thing to keep in mind is the type of paper you are going to use and always make sure the surface underneath your paper has no crumbs or anything that will affect the picture.
Now that light source is still coming from the right hand side.  That means that some of the colours need to be slightly darker on the left side where the light source doesn't hit.  You'll also notice that the pencil lines are hard to see now.  Here you can use a dark pencil crayon or a thin black marker or pen to out line the image.

Voila!  Complete.  
Now this is just the beginning.  The most important thing when you start off is to understand how to use the shapes to create your character.  The next step is to actually make your character do something.  This guy is just standing there...and therefore it is not a very exciting picture.
Nevertheless, I think he needs a name.


Nathan Nicklenose.

Creating a Cartoon Character with Colour