The Giant Inside

Information about the Story:


​An impulsive eleven-year-old boy named Alex Thomas has just angered Damian Dermite. Sadly he realizes he will likely have to spend the sixth grade finding clever ways to escape the vengeful bully. Alex soon discovers that hiding in the boy’s bathroom, stinking up the cafeteria, pulling the fire alarm and running away, are not the answers. When he finds himself standing with no clothes on in front of the entire school, Alex quickly realizes things have gotten way out of hand. With help from his brother, and a calculated plan in place, Alex faces his greatest fear...and finds the giant inside himself. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - Leadership, Trust, Communication, Respect, Kindness, Friendship, Self-Esteem

Grade Levels: 3-7 (The Teacher's guide caters to grades 3-8 so grade 8 can work with this story)

Chapters: 11

Words/Chapter: Between 1100 - 1400 words

Illustrations: 1 colored illustration/chapter 

About the Teacher's Guide: The teachers guides are modeled within a balanced literacy structure to facilitate literacy development while promoting character education. Each section includes a comprehensive before, during, and after component to allow students an opportunity to activate their critical thinking skills. Culminating tasks at the end of each unit give students the opportunity to highlight their knowledge, thinking, communication, and application skills while producing creative products. Teachers can feel confident embedding such dynamic programming into their literacy teaching and learning communities as student engagement and achievement are the core focus.