That Thing in the Sky
Thinking the world is coming to an end, Bailey and Margaret watch a strange object hurtle from the sky. The two nervously investigate the mysterious crash and discover an alien has landed on earth. A teenage farm boy named Sheldon joins them as they try to help the lost creature return to its home. However, they soon realize this alien is not alone.

AGES:  7 - 12
Pages: 94

Lin C wrote - 
Christopher, this book is a lesson on how to captivate and hold an audience, it's absolutely fabulous. I only popped by for a quick look and read six chapters. Amazing writing. It has everything. It's funny, it's scary, it's expertly written, with no blips or hold-ups. The only places I stopped were to highlight some bits of text that just had to be noted for how great they were. Like:
She had the most hair in our school. Not that I could count it or anything. There was just a lot on her head.
Margaret pushed her hair out of the way and looked at me. "Because three rhymes with 'd' and 'd' is the first letter in Dayna Redfern's name. And we can't do 'five' because there are five letters in her name and six in her last."
I nodded again. "Right. Of course."
"We can't do 'two' because 'two' has a 'w' in it and Dayna's favourite day of the week is Wednesday."
Margaret shook her head. “You mean, Peter the dog? He wasn’t wild, he just got loose and stole your ice cream. I was there, silly.”
She was right.
I hated when she was right.

Then there were the bits that had me saying OMG, like :
I think they were the first to go on the day it all happened ― the day ‘The Explorers’ surprised us.
She should have been our next mayor. She probably would have been too.
If only....
I'm backing this because it's a sheer delight to read. Wasted as a children's book, I'm sixty and found it has everything I want in a story!