How far would you go to teach your school a lesson? If you’re 11 year-old Alex Thomas, you would risk embarrassment, humiliation, and even your life.   

When Alex learns how poorly the school’s custodian, Mr. Ravi, is being treated, he comes up with a brilliant plan. With help from his friends, Alex decides to make Mr. Ravi the focus of an upcoming Multi-Cultural Project. Alex’s goal is simple, to get the entire school to start respecting Mr. Ravi. However, as Alex begins his blundering, yet noble journey, he discovers an extraordinary secret, a secret that changes the lives of everyone in his school. 

Age: 9 - 14
Pages: 183

Prequel -
 Solving Damian Dermite
Sequel - 
Remembering Kaylee Cooper
Alex was Here
Respecting Mr. Ravi
​Ann HeeneyApril 17, 2013 at 7:01 AM
Dear Mr. Francis,
We are a grade 5 class who thoroughly enjoyed your story "Respecting Mr. Ravi". Many of the students had heard/ read more of your work when they were in grade 4. You are very popular. There were cheers when I announced we were going to read this story.

PeachesMarch 8, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Dear Mr Chris Francis,

We are a Fundamental Skills Program Grade 7 and 8 at Senator Gibson P.S. in Beamsville. We have been reading your stories through the Hamilton Spectator Serial story Program. We loved your stories. We read Damian Dermite and Respecting Mr Ravi. We learned many descriptive words through your stories. 
We looked forward to reading the chapters every week. And we also learned some good messages from your story, like about bullying and respect.

​Leanne HaversMarch 7, 2013 at 8:13 AM
​"The story kept us on the edge of our seats after each chapter! We waited anxiously to see what was going to happen next! We loved all of the adventure and getting to know the characters so well!!"