Meet the Author


My name is Christopher Francis and I am an author of Children's books ranging in age from 3-15 years.
My goal is to connect with my readers and support teachers by engaging children and young teens in reading and writing. 

How "Meet the Author" works:

By contacting me through the list of platforms below, I will send you a free Ebook copy of one of my works. Your job is to simply share the story with your students and set up a social media platform allowing me to communicate with you and your students about writing, reading, the story, plots, character development, book trailers and anything else that is drawn out of their young literary minds.

Contact me:

TWITTER: @chrisifrancis

List of Works:

Below are the titles of my books. Please click on the thumbnails to find more information about the story. If you wish to purchase a hard copy, please visit MYSTORE

"Children are naturally curious and teachers strive to pull out this curiosity on so many levels." 
 ~ H.B - Primary Teacher

"This author program engages students in reading and writing at a richer and deeper level. From a writing perspective, I am able to get feedback and ideas for my stories straight from the target audience. There is a natural 'connection' that forms between the author and the reader as the platform facilitates open discussions and file sharing. I look forward to jumping online each day to read the thoughts and ideas of so many curious and excited students."
 ~Christopher Francis

Mr. Pancake Turkey

Respecting Mr. Ravi
Solving Damian Dermite
How to Sneak your Monster into School
I Don't Want to go to Sleep!
Bigger than Alexander
Remembering Kaylee Cooper
It's up to You
There's an Ogre-Beast
in the Playground
How Mr. Monster Biggens Changed My Life
The Whispering Tree
        Alex was Here
Now in French!
That Thing in the Sky
They Came from the Trees