Stoneway (Novel)
Haunted by a boy named Riley Grayson, twelve year-old Wesley is suddenly confronted by three things he fears the most in life: Love, Bullying and Ghosts. 
While on a grade eight camping trip at Lake Stoneway, Wesley struggles with his fears, trying to find ways to get the attention of Michelle Heartly while stopping his best friend from picking on a new boy named Simon.

AGES:  9 - 16
Pages: 224

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Ava Rosien wrote:
Wow! What a beautiful story. I don't do checks for punctuation or grammar...I'm not good at it, but I am good at knowing a good story when I see it, and this is GOOD!

I look for character development, for a likable MC and supporting characters. I look for a sound plot that progresses and keeps me engaged and for the tension one wants to feel when reading a mystery. All of that is in your story Stoneway. 
No info dumps that take away from the attention of the story or characters, no useless words or sentences; you allow the story to unfold in a flawless form.

This is a book that leaves the reader feeling their time was well spent, page after page. The fact that it also highlights the harm bulling can cause is an added bonus! I know what I like and I like this story allot. :)

Highly rated and a backing from me!
Elisa R wrote:
Christopher Francis :)
Let me tell you I just read the first chapter and still want to read more. And I will. Good that I have a boring meeting today, I assure you I will be reading your story. This isn’t any feedback, I know. I just wanted to say I started reading it. Good start by the way!