Alex was Here

When a door is opened in the sky above Screaming Ridge, the people of Timpleville become infected by unsettled spirits. Blinded by his love for Daisy Darlington, twelve year-old Alex Thomas is unable to see his social life, school, and town fall apart around him. While preparing for the school's annual Entrepreneurial Fair, Alex learns about the infamous Wesley Stone Sabotage: A student with paranormal connections who disappeared after an embarrassing practical joke ruined his project. Alex and Daisy soon realize his disappearance is connected to the strange outbreak that is destroying the town. With Daisy's help and a few unlikely acquaintances, Alex risks everything in an attempt to bring order back to Timpleville.  

AGES:  10 - 16
Pages: 337


"Hi Mr. Francis,
I just finished your book and I loved it! I really like the whole theme of the ghosts and how you made it dramatic and scary at the same time....From a teens perspective, I say the book was amazing and I would definitely buy it! :)"
 ~ Sarah (Grade 8) Burlington

My book review:
4.5 stars 
Amazing book! Really pulls you into the story and leaves you turning every page needing to know what happens next. 
~ Kiranpreet (Grade 7) Burlington
​Wattpad Book Review:
brilliant story, the way u connected both stories was astonishing. I liked what u did with the white cat and the suspense u used was also good. I enjoyed it very much, u have a great talent. keep up the good work :-)
​Wattpad Book Review:
 Great story! So many twists and shocking things, like when they first got "the virus" and kids had ooze coming out of them. I was, literally, like, "Whoa, what the hell?!" I'll say it again, you're a great writer. I really enjoy your stories.​