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Stories for your Classroom
Teachers are always looking for books to read to their students with the intention of delivering important messages or connections to the curriculum.
A number of the stories on this site connect to:
- Bullying
- Self-Esteem
- Friendship
- Moral Struggles
- Accepting Differences
- Peer Pressure

Story about Canadian Confederation

Story supports Procedurial Writing

Story focuses on Character Development


High School Dropout falls in love while trying to save a group of edgy teens from an alien invasion

Great! Great! Great!! I really loved this story very much. 
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Amazing Book! I absolutely loved it!!
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My Books
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    Middle-Grade Sci-Fi Adventure After hearing curious voices in her head, nine-year-old Aubrey discovers a boy sending cosmic video transmissions from the mirror inside her locker. She quickly learns his world is collapsing and desperately needs her help. Aubrey heroically jumps at the opportunity but quickly faces the harsh realities of the fourth-grade: bullying, trumpet-solo-band-anxiety, boys, peer-pressure, and the Othello-3 Dark Matter Beast. Will Aubrey be able to save the intergalactic boy from his crumbling planet before it’s too late?
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    Early Middle-Grade bullying story How would you stop the most feared bully in school from humiliating your new best friend? An impulsive 11-year-old boy named Alex Thomas has a simple solution: you hurl your left over pizza at him. Although it does mean he will have to spend the sixth grade finding clever ways to escape a vengeful bully. Alex soon discovers that hiding in the boy’s bathroom, stinking up the cafeteria, pulling the fire alarm ,and running away are not the answers. When he finds himself standing with no clothes on in front of the entire school, Alex quickly realizes things have gotten way out of hand. With help from his brother, and a calculated plan in place, Alex faces his greatest fear...and finally solves Damian Dermite.
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    Early Middle-Grade bullying story How far would you go to teach your school a lesson? If you’re 11 year-old Alex Thomas, you would risk embarrassment, humiliation, and even your life. When Alex learns how poorly the school’s custodian, Mr. Ravi, is being treated, he comes up with a brilliant plan. With help from his friends, Alex decides to make Mr. Ravi the focus of an upcoming Multi-Cultural Project. Alex’s goal is simple, to get the entire school to start respecting Mr. Ravi. However, as Alex begins his blundering, yet noble journey, he discovers an extraordinary secret, a secret that changes the lives of everyone in his school.
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    Teen-Fiction Sci-fi/Dystopian story The invaders need the mentally strong and the physically able—the rest of the human population are simply landfill. Who are these creatures and what are their intentions? Sheldon, a fifteen-year-old high school dropout, has no interest in finding out—at least not yet. Instead, he fights for his life as these ruthless aliens take over the little town of Hidden Trail. Sheldon takes refuge in an abandoned school with a beautiful girl named Cara and a couple of kids who happen to have profound ideas about the motives of the alien invasion. The group is soon picked up by some edgy teenagers who are preparing to escape to the water. However, when Cara goes missing, Sheldon deviates from the plans and discovers more about the rapidly evolving aliens and their horrifying yet curious vision. The lovestruck teen soon questions the morality of the human spirit, and wonders what it might be like to submit to the utopian idealisms of this new alien race.
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    Middle-Grade Paranormal story Kaylee Cooper is certain that Alex will become friends with a ghost this year. Alex thinks that he is far too old to be listening to a little grade one and encourages Kaylee to stop jeopardizing his important sixth grade social life. Kaylee doesn’t listen and finds awkward ways to spend as much time with Alex as possible, even if it means following him into the boy’s washroom. Fed up, Alex develops a strategic plan to ultimately get rid of Kaylee Cooper for good. However, he soon learns about the mysterious legend of Screaming Ridge Road that pulls an unlikely group of friends together, including the girl of his dreams, and the school’s meanest bully. When they discover the legend is real, and that Kaylee Cooper is at the core of the mystery, Alex stares death in the face and helps save her from an eternal life of misery and confusion.
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    Middle-Grade paranormal story When a door is opened in the sky above Screaming Ridge, the people of Timpleville become infected by unsettled spirits. Blinded by his love for Daisy Darlington, twelve year-old Alex Thomas is unable to see his social life, school, and town fall apart around him. While preparing for the school's annual Entrepreneurial Fair, Alex learns about the infamous Wesley Stone Sabotage: A student with paranormal connections who disappeared after an embarrassing practical joke ruined his project. Alex and Daisy soon realize his disappearance is connected to the strange outbreak that is destroying the town. With Daisy's help and a few unlikely acquaintances, Alex risks everything in an attempt to bring order back to Timpleville.
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    Adventure Chapter Book Riley Pickering knows he'll be the next Sidney Crosby so it is expected everyone should cater to him, take care of his needs, and worship the ground he walks on. In addition, he has no patience for school, Science, Mme. Capretta, the French language or following rules. However, when a Science Project goes horribly wrong, Riley finds himself in the middle of the Pacific, stranded on an island scrambling to find ways to survive. When he meets two teenagers who are in a similar predicament, he begins to question whether he accidentally landed on the island, or whether he was intentially sent there.
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    Early Chapter Book ~ Sci-Fi Adventure Thinking the world is coming to an end, Bailey and Margaret watch a strange object hurtle from the sky. The two nervously investigate the mysterious crash and discover an alien has landed on earth. A teenage farm boy named Sheldon joins them as they try to help the lost creature return to its home. However, they soon realize this alien is not alone.
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    Picture Book ~ Procedural Writing The book follows a young boy as he humorously goes through the various steps that are needed to sneak a monster into school. The Jacketflap: "There are 22 very important steps you need to follow in order to sneak your Monster into school. This book will teach you how to be sneaky, how to distract, and how to show your Monster that you care. Before you begin, you will need large sunglasses, a can of worms, a bright red clown nose, peanut butter, a pink wig, and an extra-large toothbrush.
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    Picture Book ~ Accepting Differences My classmates wouldn’t play with me because I was different. I wanted to be just like them. However, when Mr. Monster Biggens visited our school, I wanted to be me...more than anything.
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    Chapter Book ~ Bullying and Accepting Differences I hated school. I hated everything about it. Mostly I hated Corban Barkley because he convinced my entire class that I was an overgrown circus monkey. Or something like that. Life was pretty miserable for me at Red Apple Creek Public School...that is until the Ogre-Beast came to visit. Then my life totally changed.
  12. Managing Director
    Chapter Book ~ Adventure Desperate to get a great mark on her 150 year anniversary presentation of Ottawa, Gauri sneaks into her dad's time machine with a boy from her class and travels back to 1867. Problems quickly unfold, leaving the two fifth-graders trapped in the unforgiving elements of winter, struggling to stay alive.
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    Chapter Book - Fantasy The Ogre-Beast showed the town of Red Apple Creek that being different was cool. He taught me to be proud of who I was. He changed my life. But the Mayor decided to lock him up in a cage. Who does that to a beautiful creature? Our fourth grade class went to visit him along Glarington River, and all I wanted to do was cry. When I happened to see a legendary Whispering Tree floating by, I decided to jump off the ferry boat and escape. I just didn't want to be on that stupid field trip anymore. However, when I climbed onto the trunk of the giant tree, I had no clue I was about to go on the strangest, most heroic journey of my life.
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    Children's Book As a young boy and girl struggle with the idea of having to go to sleep, they get interrupted by the moon who questions their desire to stay up. The moon tells them that by going to sleep they will get to do lots of fun things, such as saving the world from a gang of nose-picking space zombies, or drinking from a cream-soda flavored river and riding in air bubbles from a pink underwater elephant. However, before the moon can finish, he notices their dreaming adventures have already begun.

Born in Brisbane, Australia, I moved to Canada at the age of two. Growing up in North Burlington, I enjoyed the outdoors in the summer months and illustrating during the chilly ones. At age nineteen, I was accepted into Sheridan College’s Animation program before earning a degree in Sociology from McMaster University.

I then enjoyed a two-year adventure overseas working with children, before completing my Bachelor of Education degree at York University. I am now teaching junior and intermediate level students in Burlington, Ontario.

Through my experience working with children, I found writing and illustrating to be one of my passions. To date, I have created a number of children's picture books, chapter-books, middle-grade and teen-fiction novels. I have published titles through Curiosity Quills Press, Blackrose Writing, and a number of serial stories through the Newspapers in Education.

I continue to squeeze in time to write and illustrate when I'm not playing with my four lovely children. 

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Let me know if you have any questions about my books and projects.

Christopher Francis